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1. Washable at max. 30°C

Our WERNER CHRIST HORSE sheepskin items can be machine-washed at a maximum temperature of 30°C in the wool wash cycle. Please make sure that you do not overload your washing machine and that the items are not spun too fast. Fasten any velcro strips  beforehand. You should wash any items containing metal parts in a cloth bag.

2. Use a proper detergent

We recommend that you use our WERNER CHRIST C7 sheepskin detergent. It is an environmentally-friendly and high yield concentrate specially developed for optimum reults with our products. Depending on the degree of soiling. We recommend that you use 30-50ml of C7 for each 10 litres of water when washing by hand or for each cycle in the washing machine. Adding a standard fabric softener will help to maintain the leather's elasticity. The detergents normally used for textiles and wool are not suitable for washing sheepskin items so please check to see if there is any such detergent still left in your washing machine and remove any you find.

3. Tumpbe-dry

After the wash cycle you can dry the sheepskin items in your tumble dryer at a temperature of up to 40°C. The leather moving around in your dryer will help to keep it soft and elastic. Alternatively you can put the sheepskin items outside in the shade to dry in the fresh air. Make sure they aro not exposed to direct sunlight or are not to close to any sources of heat as this may make the sheepskin rough. Regularly pull your sheepskin into shape while it is drying. As soon as the sheepskin is dry, you can comb it with a sheepskin brush to make it perfectly smooth again.